Treating Spinal Subluxation with Chiropractic Care

A vertebral subluxation is a situation whereby the vertebra loses its normal position or loses its total range of motion. A great example of this situation is when a hose with flowing water is stepped on; it puts pressure on delicate nerves where the organ or body part at the other end of the nerve does not receive messages correctly. This will then lead to a situation where the communication from the brain to the organ is broken down when there is nerve interference, and this may develop a condition or disease. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Commack who cantreatyour spinal issues,Suffolk County Chiropracticcan help you today!

Common Symptoms

There are many different ways in which a person can be prone to experiencing a vertebral subluxation, and listed below are some of the most common symptoms typically found from this issue.

-Aching back and neck– pain in the neck and back are the most common symptoms of this condition. The severity of the pain tends to vary considerably, with some patients experiencing mild pain while others experience excruciating pain and total debilitation. If you’re struggling with pain, ourchiropractor in Commackcan treat your back or neck pain.

-Inability to move around– this type of symptom occurs when the individual finds it hard to move around. The person might even restrict their general movement to reduce the painful symptoms. However, not moving only aggravates the condition and makes the stiffness even worse.

-A headache– many patients experience headaches due to the mounting tension and pressure caused by spinal subluxation.

-Reduced range of motion– many people suffering from spinal subluxation often find it hard to twist or turn their head and hips to either side easily. Constant stiffness in the joints and muscles are very common signs of spinal subluxation.



Some of the besttreatmentsfor spinal subluxation are chiropractic adjustments. A spinal adjustment will be able to release the pressure mounted on the compressed nerve and will align the vertebrae back to its natural position. In addition to spinal adjustments, a chiropractor in Commack will promote different lifestyle changes that can improve your spine health and reduce the chance of injury. These changes can be anything from a different workout to postural adjustments.

With that said, you should note that subluxation doesn’t just occur in adults, but it can also affect infants and children, as well. If you’re experiencing the symptoms of spinal subluxation, it is important that you meet with our chiropractor in Commack at Suffolk County Chiropractic. A chiropractor can give you the best quality care and have you on the path to recovery. If you have been experiencing pains in your neck, back, leg and hips,contactSuffolk County Chiropractic today!

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